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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday for me

This was a very sedate black Friday for me.  I hated that they opened up the sales on thanksgiving; I wanted to fight against it.  However, I was tempted by one item and one item only.  The line I got into was fun and we all joked, everything was organized, no one was hurt, not one died, and it was an easy in and out for us.  We did end up getting the one item we wanted without pushing anyone out of the way or being rude.  Then we left and went home.  There was nothing that was worth risking our lives over.  Then today we went out again.  We didn't even leave until after noon since I didn't see a point in fighting all of those crowds.  We got other items; I still had an issue with finding gift for anyone.  One of the things I noticed was that a lot of the door busters were still available.  This confused me since I thought all of the door busters would have been gone within an hour of the store opening.  We were able to snag a GPS for 60.00 and some 3D Blue rays for less than 15.00 each.  In total we spent around 230.00 which is more than what I wanted to spend but we were really happy with some of the deals. We only ran into a few rude people the entire day. 
 One was a guy in a wheel chair who couldn't get the over the curb, after three tries he lost it and started rolling backwards right into the path of a van.  I grabbed him and got him over the curb and then told what an evil person I was.  The next was a lady who worked at Barns and Noble, I was asking a questions and she treated me like I ruined her birthday and hit her kitten.  The last person was a line jumper who then blamed everyone else when someone complained. 
 It is not yet time for me to put up a tree or start decking the halls but at least some of my shopping is done.  Even if a lot of it was for me.  My plan for tomorrow is to go get some of my jewelry fixed at Kay jewelers special.  Only a few people left and then I only need to send the items and relax for the rest of the holiday season.  
If you are still looking for some of the door busters you might want to look around.  Not everything is gone already and that price is set for that number of items.  Start looking around and you may be able to find some amazing deals without all the lines.  

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