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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The standards for Beauty and PCOS

Having received my Vogue magazine for the month I was browsing through what is popular, what are the current makeup styles and what decade fashion is currently in.  That is when i started to feel bad about myself.  I am no one’s standard of currently accepted beauty.  I work hard to keep myself to borderline overweight, I occasionally still have issues with my skin, my hair gets oily very quickly, and while my legs are really skinny I have a larger top size.  Comparing myself to the people in the magazine was doing nothing for my self esteem and personal view of myself worth.

Having PCOS means that I will never be able to match up to the standards they want without some outside intervention through hormones and careful doctor care.  PCOS isn't only about not being able to have a child, but it is also about having to look at yourself in the mirror.  Most people with PCOS cannot lose weight they simply do not make the right type of hormones to do so.

What I have started doing is only looking at the current way to do makeup, or what type of jewelry is current.  It is hard to look at those models. 

The way to keep positive while in a fashion and body obsessed culture.  I try to dress what looks great for the body I have and not the body that I will never be able to have.  I keep up with the makeup trends for example dark eyes are popular right now which is great since I am really pale.

I focus energy on my hair and finding the perfect way of taking care of it, my nails and getting them to look as amazing as I can with or without polish.  Now if I can only stop biting at my cuticles.  What I would like to see is a magazine full of real women wearing clothing.  I don't need to know how the latest fashions are going to look on a stick.  I need to know how they will look on me.

Oh well since that is not going to happen anytime soon.  I will concentrate on those few articles and ignore the rest.  I hope others with PCOS can do the same and not feel bad that they are not the current idea of American beauty.  

On the adoption note this month’s issue contained a story that tug at my heart strings and something that I can understand just not in the same way. 

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