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Monday, October 15, 2012

Finally a good bagel

I went out to eat recently for a breakfast thing and they had GF bagels on the list of offerings including GF waffles and pancakes.  I opted for the bagel and was really happy with the quality of what I got.  

This led to the question do you make your own bagels or do you buy them.  The waitress said that they bought them and brought me out the bag.  It was Udi's plain bagels.  After the last incidence with the blueberry muffins I was presently surprised that another great product had come from the Udi's brand.  The Bagel that I was able to try was the plain so I don't yet know how the other flavors taste.  According to the web site they have three varieties, cinnamon raisin, whole grain and plain.  While that is not the plethora of choices that people who can eat normally have it is still a lot better than what was available even five years ago. 

I was excited to not only have a great bagel but also to be able to eat it both in my home and out at a restaurant.  So if you are looking for good bagels give this brand a shot.

On a personal note, I am currently baking my bread and we are having Spaghetti for dinner tonight, however, Tamale's are on the list for tomorrows dinner.  Stay tuned for a recipe....

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