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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review for Unreal (TM) Candy

Having a long time chocolate addiction as well as being a taster (taste and smell are my strongest senses) I jumped at the chance to try a new candy product. (Free Candy, Free Candy.) I watched the mail until the coupons arrived and rushed out to get my candy. In fact for the best trial I bought two more types. Over the last 36 hours I have consumed or tried to consume all three types I got the caramel nougat bar, (Milky Way) the peanut butter cups and the candy coated chocolate peanuts (Peanut M&M's).

Peanut butter cups: the chocolate has a weird aftertaste that is slightly unpleasant and it leaves a very oily feeling in your mouth. The peanut butter is nothing special and it comes with a highly grainy texture. The chocolate also flakes very easily. The only advantage it had over the Reeses is that it has fewer calories 190 vs. 232 sodium, 115 vs. 141, Fat 12 vs. 14, less sugar 11 vs. 21 as well as having more protein and fiber. So while it is better for you, you sacrifice taste and texture. (Condé Nast, 2012)

Caramel Nougat bar: The same issue with the chocolate occurs in this bar as in the peanut butter cups. On the plus side the nougat is much softer than what you would get out of a Milky Way. The caramel however left a lot to be desired as it had little flavor. Like the peanut butter cup it is much better for you in terms of content.

Candy covered chocolate peanuts: The candy coating leaves a slightly bitter flavor and after the sweetness of the candy coating the chocolate is downright disgustingly flavored. Also the same issues occur with the chocolate. The redeeming quality to this one is the peanuts. I happen to like the flavor of a peanut with the skin on it. However many may find that a detractor. Once again the content of the candy was better than the original 200 vs. 220 (About, Inc., 2012) in calories alone. But you lost a lot in the taste.

 The plus side to each one of these candies is the lack of "gunk" in them. However while it may not contain any fully man made products it still contains items that are not normally consumed in a raw format such as Gum Arabic as well as Carnauba wax. While these are not bad for you they are not a normal part of the average diet either. Also allergy note: while nothing in any of these products contain wheat or tree nuts they are listed on allergy list. It seems like they are covering themselves and since I have Celiac disease and have not reacted they are not really included in my batch. If you are looking for something that does not contain any "junk" items or are a better for you junk food. This might be a good choice. Otherwise buy the originals and watch how much you eat. This is what I will continue doing.

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