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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Is eating out Gluten Free really safe?

Eating out Gluten free can be fun however; it can also be getting you into trouble.  You know everything you can and cannot have, however if the restaurant is not gluten friendly you could still be getting sick.

 I have explained about cross contamination at home.  However, can be a bigger issue in a restaurant.  Even if you order nothing with gluten in it they can still touch your food to other surfaces that contain gluten. 

If you want to eat out there are a few tips to follow.  If you can find a gluten friendly restaurant then that is the best option.  If they have a separate preparation area then you have a smaller chance of getting sick. 

A lot of restaurants offer gluten free food but are not gluten friendly.  These restaurants are for the people on the gluten free diet and not to be confused with allergy friendly restaurants.  One such example is Domino's.  They offer gluten free pizza delivered.  However it is not made in a separate area and should not be eaten by those with celiac or any sort of gluten sensitivity. While the pizza may be labeled as gluten free the end product is not. 

 Things to keep in mind when picking a restaurant is how ready they are to accommodate your needs, Are they allergy friendly, do they have a separate preparation area? Do they understand what you mean when you say that you need the items gluten free? 

Eating out gluten free is not as easy as knowing what you can and cannot order but with a few minutes on the internet you can make sure that it is still an enjoyable experience. 

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