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Friday, October 19, 2012

And off topic

This post is a funny story that has nothing to do with being gluten free, infertility or beauty. 

My husband and I purchased a mattress from a store that was going out of business.  We got a great deal on the mattress but to have it delivered would have cost around $100.00 more.  So to save money we decided to move it ourselves.  Not having a truck we took the car to pick it up.  Items required for moving a mattress are twine or rope, a blanket to keep the top of the car from getting scratched and something to cut the twine with.

Before we headed to pick up the mattress we had to renew our lease so now we had a copy of that in the car as well.

Other than having trouble with a mattress strapped to the top of the car on the highway.  (Not fun) when we arrived my husband and our ward took cut the twine and took the mattress up into the apartment while I re-parked the car.  After I got back up to the apartment we couldn't find the knife.  So I went back down and had to gather

1 large kitchen knife
A bundle of twine
1 sheet of plastic
1 blanket
A property rental contract

I am rather glad that no officers of the law passed me during that period of time.  I could not imagine having to explain that combination of items.   This is almost as bad as the time I had a 4 hour glucose tolerance and a whole bunch of blood tests all out of the same arm.  (They left track marks) and the next day I had an eye appointment where my eyes were dilated.  If I had been pulled over I would have been in prison before I could have explained.

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