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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eating Healthy and Gluten Free

Sorry for the late post, I was caught up in a book and I had to finish it.  It is a series that took about a year or three break and finally brought out the last book.  I had to re-read the whole series then the finial book.

Ok, after the initial weight loss from cutting gluten from my diet, I have started to gain weight again.  I know that this is normal due to the season.  However, I should not be gaining this much weight.  Yes I work out.  However, the PCOS does not help.  SO I started looking at my eating habits and noticed that I could put more raw vegetables and fruit in my diet and cut down on processed food.  It is harder to eat processed food and be GF but somehow I have managed.

Some of the processed food I need to cut out is Bangkok Curry by Thai Kitchen.  It is basically GF ramen. It is so good, but is not good for me.  One serving (one package) is half the size of the ramen packages and still contains 170 calories and 30 of them are from fat also the sodium is 780 MG or about 1/3 of my daily intake OUCH!

Another of my guilty pleasures is chocolate, I am careful that I don't eat anything with gluten in it but that does not mean that the rest are fair game.  However, I tried and hated the Unreal candy brand so that one is not an alternative.

Other sweets I need to cut are my cake and a pie, except strawberry rhubarb pie, this type of pie has no calories. (The prior statement is wishful thinking and is completely false.)

Also I like to eat out a lot, yes it give me more to review.  However, it is not really all that good for me.  So for the next few weeks (after Sunday) I am going to be eating at home.  Also since I still cannot afford IVF (not even close) I am going to have to work on some basic hormone supplements.  That should help me lose and keep the weight off.  I hope to be able to get back to my lowest weight after cutting gluten.  I will try to keep a lot of how it is going and what I am doing. 

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