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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why Those with Celiac Should own a Crock Pot

With the weather cooling off and the days feeling longer due to less sunlight this means that those of us working full time or more have little energy to cook.  Not only that but with many forms of celiac there is no choice but to cook.  This is why gluten free families should have a crock pot.  Something that you can start in the morning and then eat when you get home.  If that first paragraph didn't convince you.  Then here is a list of reasons why you should own a crock pot.

#1.  Save time: a crock pot can be used while you are at work.  That means that a meal that will take 8 hours to cook can finish while you are away.  Simply throw the ingredients in at the start of the day and enjoy dinner when you get home.

#2. Save Money:  cooking on the stove top can be expensive when it comes to the power bill.  Especially if you are going to be cooking for hours.  If it can be thrown in the crock pot it will save some of the electricity.  Also you can buy tough cuts of meat and make them tender.  Also if dinner is ready than there is no need to go out to eat.

#3. Can be used to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers or desserts.  There are a ton of gluten free slow cooker recipes to be found on the internet.  I know I looked.  Some of which I will share with you over the coming months.  How does homemade GF oatmeal sound in the morning or split pea soup for dinner? 

#4. Works like a second oven:  if you are doing a large dinner such as one of those that are coming up soon.  A crock pot can work like a second oven.  Depending on the size you get you can cook a turkey in it.  Pudding in it. How about a ham?

#5.  Not only can the crock pot work like another oven but you can serve in it.  Think about putting something on the buffet table.  While it may not be overly fancy, it will serve well and keep the item warm. 

#6 Crock pots are ceramic and therefor they can be cleaned well they also do not hold on to gluten.  That means that if you can’t afford a new crock pot, you can still get a used one and clean it really well.  Just make sure that the cooking surfaces are in fact ceramic or glass so that you know that you are safe.  

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