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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Last Week of Gluten

Four weeks of gluten later and I am still not up to the required gluten for this test.  I am not going to be able to get the results they want from said test.  Even with the little about of gluten (one serving a day or less) that I have been able to consume I have had strong results externally.


Weight Change: + 15lbs
Skin change: Dry, itchy, patchy, small rash, breakouts
Energy change:  Fatigue, trouble sleeping
Mood Changes: irritable, slight depression, (may be lack of sleep)
Body Changes: Joint pain in neck, hips, and knees.  Bloating, Headaches, Ulcers, acid reflux, excess gas
Hair Changes: Nothing Noted

No other noted changes

I have learned much from the very painful experience.  One that I really don't want nor need gluten in my life if I can avoid it.

I have started craving fruits and vegetables due to the fact that I am not keeping enough nutrients.  As I write this I am snacking on grape tomatoes. Last night for dinner I had Salad and fruit salad.  I didn't want anything else.  I should be making the most of this time of an unrestricted diet.  However, I find that I cannot enjoy it.

I really can't wait until this diet is over and I can get back to normal.  I am bothered by my body right now.  I can't wait until I am back to "my normal diet".  

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