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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good News (Sort of)

My test results have come in.  Also at some point my Doctor had time to look over the information I had given him.  While he found no Celiac proof during the endoscopy he was able to find out that I was right the entire time.  I was telling him the truth when I said I had the issue.  I can’t believe that it took them this long to be able to see the evidence I had sent to him at the start of all of this.  However, what sparked this is what I was saying before the procedure.  “The symptoms were right, and I know that you didn't get to the gluten levels we need for the damage.  However, it sparked my interest.  I took time to read what you had sent me.  I also verified this information with a specialist in Celiac.  I agree that you have this issue, even if the test I gave you didn’t show evidence.” 
I had to be a little happy that I was vindicated, I am also sad since I now have more evidence that I will not be able to enjoy gluten filled foods again. 

Other results, I don’t have Cancer and also Barrett’s was a misdiagnosis.  So all of this, being told I had been wrong the entire time and coming back to where I was to start with.  I still have Celiac, and I don’t have anything I didn't think I had.  It kind of seems like a waste of time and energy to me.  However, this makes the doctors feel better. 
Now with the results in and no reason to stay on the gluten, I can start weaning myself off again.  I will be removing one item at a time and will keep everyone updated with the struggle of going gluten free.  I once again need to break that addiction

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