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Monday, September 2, 2013

Gluten for Five Weeks - the First Five Days

There was a mistake in my medical file from my doctor in Florida.  Instead of having Celiac in the condition/diagnosis area of my chart, it was put only in the notes.  This means that the tests that I took two years ago have to be completely repeated.  For me personally that means eating five weeks of gluten.  I decided to turn this into a science experiment of one.  This is a way to test the reaction to gluten on a known celiac sufferer.  I have started keeping track of my gluten intake as well as reaction times and the type of reactions.  Below is the diary of what has occurred so far.

Day one:
 Gluten intake 1/4 a pita, 4 breaded mushrooms.
 Reaction time: Under 10 minutes
Reaction: included vomiting, sweating, and long lasting loose stool.  

Day two:
Gluten intake: 1 McDonalds Big Mac
Reaction time: 37 minutes
Reaction: Loose stool and fatigue.

Day three:  (NOTE) Joint pain and fatigue before eating any gluten.  
Gluten intake: 1/3 flour tortilla.  
Reaction time 17 minutes
Reaction: Stomach pains, loose stool, fatigue, pine cone feeling in the intestines and the re-emergence of an ulcer.  (I can’t prove that without tests, but pointed pain in a specific area of the stomach.) 

Day four: Gluten intake 1 flour tortilla Reaction time 14 minutes, reaction Loose stool, pine cone feeling in the intestines, joint pain, fatigue, irritability, and lack of desire for any activity.  

Day five: Gluten intake, various Chinese foods (in small amounts each)
Reaction time: 18 minutes
Reaction: Vomiting, Loose stool, joint pain, sweating, irritability, lack of desire or motivation, pine cone feeling, irritation of ulcer, itchy skin.  

This is all I have so far.  I am well below the three meals a day that is required for the testing they are going to perform.  At this rate I am not sure I will be able to get up to the amount of gluten that they need.  I have been gluten free for more than two years now and I get sick off of even cross contamination.  Having three gluten meals a day may not be possible for me.  

Constants for me now are joint pain, intestinal pain, ulcer pain, and itchy skin.  These are occurring no matter when I eat the gluten for the day.  I will also keep track of how long it takes for these feelings to abate once I have finished with my “gluten Binge” as the doctor called it.

I am open to ideas of foods to eat.  Is there any specific item you would like to know the reaction time and type to?  Please let me know!

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