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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bikini Kitty -Product Review-

I have always had more hair on my body than I would like. Some of this comes from my PCOS, some of this comes from societal expectations.  I also have always had extremely sensitive skin.  This means that even shaving my underarms gives me trouble.  I try to avoid shaving anywhere more delicate.  I always break out and have a horrible time of it.  However, I wanted to be bikini ready year round.  

I was contacted by Bikini Kitty and offered to review the new gluten free line that they are offering.  One of the issues with a lot of these products is that use wheat and/or gluten in some format in the products.  Bikini Kitty has changed this.  They offer entirely gluten and wheat free products for those like me that have really delicate skin as well as an allergy to gluten. 

I tried the products for three weeks to see how my skin reacted.  I was able to try the travel kit of Bikini Kitty as well as the Every night Magic makeup remover.  I found some interesting results.  While my skin reacted to shaving much less than it previously had, I was still not bump free, this however, is no fault of the products.  I have yet to find something that works perfectly.  Never the less, using these products did make the ingrown hairs less of an issue than they have been in the past.  Not only that, but the ingrown hair healed faster and was less annoying.  This is a huge bonus to me.  So while I didn't get the perfectly smooth look I was hoping for, I was able to manage the situation.  

I was able to test the Everyday magic which is an enzymatic Exfoliator. The GF Razor Oil which keeps the Razor from burning your skin.  The GF Shave Gel while protects and moisturizes the skin while you shave, and the Every night Magic which is used to remove makeup.  Not only did I receive the products, they had a small pamphlet that taught me how to use them all properly and for the best results.  It was a great help to me to know how and when 

I loved the Everynight and the Everyday Magic; they did as they were supposed to.  Not only that, but the Everynight magic takes off even my heavy makeup with very little water.  This would be great to travel with.  No matter where I am or what I am doing, I can get my makeup off.  

The GF Shave Gel and Razor oil worked exactly the way they should have.  They protected and moisturized the skin.  

With continued use, I am sure that I will receive better effects than I have.  I will have to keep trying until I get the results I want.  

If shaving isn't for you, they also offer many other products.  Not so many in the gluten free line yet.  However, I am sure that they are coming.  They have Hair products as well as skin products.  

Please feel free to check them out at Bikini Kitty

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