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Monday, July 29, 2013

Pillsbury Gluten Free Dough -Review-

This is a personal review and not one where I was given a product.  However, I have found a product that I feel strongly enough about to share.  

When I ran across the Pillsbury gluten free products in the cold section of the grocery store I was confused and very happy.   Gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough, thin crust pizza dough and pie crust.  I had to pick up each one and give them a shot.  

I really liked the cookie dough; it was the first product I tried.  And yes, I broke the rules and even had some raw.  Not a lot, just a little bit.  This baked up into some really good cookies, without that gluten free aftertaste.  The cookies bake a little crisp for my tastes; however, I would only bake up what I wanted to eat and eat them warm.  This seemed to work the best for me.  

The next item on the list was the pizza dough.  While it says keep refrigerated until use, I learned that you want to pull the dough about an hour or so before you want to use it.  The reason for this is cold dough doesn't spread very well.  It is too hard to work with while it is cold.  My suggestion is that it gets pulled sooner and you let it warm up before trying to work with it.  We had a good pizza, a slight gluten free aftertaste and you need to make sure that you are very careful with the thickness of the crust.  Make sure that it is even or it cooks weirdly.  

The pie crust had the perfect texture, a slight gluten free aftertaste.  However, this can be countered by adding sugar to the crust if you are making a sweet pie.  If you are making a savory pie, then try adding salt or herbs.  Also make sure to watch how it cooks.  This crust cooks a little faster than what they say, so watch the last few minutes to make sure your pie is the perfect amount of cooked for you.  There is enough in the tub for two crusts, either one pie with a top and bottom crust or two open topped pies.  

If you are interested in trying these products you might want to try by the other Pillsbury products.  

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