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Monday, July 8, 2013

Learning about yourself (Personality Tests)

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One of the things I have noticed while trying to get my body healthier is that my mind needs to be worked on as well.  This led me to the MYERS-BRIGGS personality test.  This led me to discover that I am an INTP or introversion intuitive thinking and perceiving.  Have completed multiple tests and have come up with the same answer each time.  What this means for me.  This means that I am not good at dealing with others people’s feelings, not that I don't try or don't care.  I just don't normally think like that.  I also tend to think through situations that include over-analyzing them.  I like to by myself or with a small group of close friends.  I am not one for large parties; also I have a harder time making good friends and not just acquaintances.  I also see the world as something that needs to be done all at once.  I am great at multitasking and good under pressure, as long as that pressure is not overly personal.  Understanding this led me to better understand who I am and how I interact with others.  I have a friend who is an ENTP or the extroverted version of me.  At first it was hard to put much stock in this type of test.  However, I soon found that the more I read on my personality type the more I realized that it was just like me.  Also my husband had to point out that this is how I live my life.

Speaking of husbands, my husband is an ISTJ or very much my opposite in most everything including how he views the world and how he uses his intelligence.  Knowing this I was better able to work on our relationship and find out what we both need.  He needs to be praised and noticed for the work he does and I need to be mentally stimulated.  Finding these difference made loving each other that much easier.  

Not everyone is going to like the answers they receive from a personality test like this.  Also I strongly suggest that you take more than one to make sure that your results are accurate.  No matter which ones I took I got the same answer and so did my husband.  However, another person might be borderline and come up with conflicting answers.  I suggest you take a test that has more than 50 questions to get a more accurate response.  

The reason for this is if you do not know yourself, you cannot learn about the people around you.  Part of growth mentally and physically knowing who and what you are, as well as why you do things.  While having this understand has helped me grow as a person, it has also opened my eyes to who I was to start with.  

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