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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics -Review-

I was recently able to review Goody Ouchless hair ties in my Sunkissed Voxbox.  The claims were interesting they say that they

Product Feature: (as stated by Goody)
• Unique knot style hair tie
• Soft, stretchy ribbon material
• Looks beautiful on the wrist or in the hair!
• Assorted colors
• From America's #1 elastics brand, Goody® Ouchless®

What I have found is that most of this is very true.  I know that when I am out for the day I normally have a hair tie on my wrist, even if I do have one in my hair.  The reason being is that I never know when and where I am going to need a hair tie.  Funny story about this, my husband used to think they were ugly bracelets. That is until he saw me use one.  It never occurred to him that they were for my hair.  I know I am not the only woman who almost always has a hair tie with me, and it is most often on my wrist.  One of the things I like about this item is that it looks better than most common hair ties, it is a better look than an "ugly bracelet"  While I do have to say these are not as attractive as one would hope, they are still a lot better than the regular elastic ties. 

Now I have rather fine hair so it is not hard to hold mine in place, however, they worked exactly as promised and they looked like I had a ribbon tied in my hair rather than the standard hair elastic.  I liked that look.  I could add touch more class without even trying.  They were easy to use and did come in a large variety of colors.  You could do a basic match on what you are wearing for the day and go, it sounds easy to me.

Each pack comes with five hair ribbons and cost about $4.00.  Not a bad price for a small change to your wardrobe.  While these elastic ribbons are not perfect for every hair style.  They work great for basic ponytails of all sorts.   

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