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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reasons to take your Vacation

Vacations are important for many reasons.  They help maintain the health, they reduce work related stress, they increase productivity, and vacations improve job performance.  Each one of these reasons alone is a good reason to start taking your vacation time.  However, you may feel that you are too busy to be able to properly take the time they are allotted. Here are the benefits of taking your vacation time. 
Vacations maintain health: Vacations can allow a person the rest they need, allow them to catch up on sleep and help stave off depression.  By allowing the worries of work to not be the first thing they think of this will allow the officers much needed relax and recoup time.  By letting them sleep better you are allowing yourself to recharge your immune system. This boosted immune system means that each person will have fewer sick days.
Prevent Stress: By taking a vacation you are allowed to distress.   Vacations allow that stress to release so that stress so it does not continue to build, and can hopefully be kept at a manageable level throughout the year.  Also vacations allow you to reconnect with critical relationships that may get neglected for most of the year.  This support network can help you de-stress when they are back on the job. 
Improve Job Productivity: Many times you are energized and relaxed after a vacation.  This means that they have the energy and the drive to get back to work and to do a great job.  This drive is what will lead them to getting more of the assignment done without as much burnout.
Job Performance: People that have been able to take vacations will increase their job performance.  They have mentally been able to re-prioritize goals, they are well rested, they are distressed and they will feel more energy towards the job at hand.  They will better be able to deal with those that they work for as well as those they work with.  They will have a higher rate of job satisfaction meaning that they are less against what they do as well as the supervisors that help them do it.  They will be getting sick less and have a more positive outlook. 
Each and any of these reasons are reason enough as to why you need to take your vacation.   You will always have projects that are due, or changes being made.  You should always take time for yourself and your family if you are given the chance. Even if you have a stay-cation and just rest it will give you time to reset yourself so that you are work ready. 


  1. I cannot WAIT for our vacation to visit my family in California in a few months. Looking forward to a break from the norm, and loving the thought of having someone to watch our munchkin while we can actually get out and have fun/release stress!

  2. My husband sadly lost a week, if not more, of vacation time this last year because he just couldn't take any because there was no one that could cover him. I tell you it was a hard year. We are hoping this year will be much different. We know how valuable vacations are, just time away from the norm.

  3. We often take a week from all obligations just to recharge. A stay-cation. Usually we do this in February when it's really cold, so that we don't have to leave the house for a whole week. We often feel much better after taking that time. They really are much needed breaks.