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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Passion 4 Life - Review

I had personally gotten tired of looking for Gluten free vitamins that will work with my individual needs.  I have tried drops that you hold under your tongue for a minute, and I have tried pills (I got nothing out of the pills.)

Some places claim that pills go undigested and that is why they are bad, others claim that pills work just fine and the liquids are bad.  In the end I could really care less what the claims are.  I have tested many vitamins and I know what helps me. 

I have been on Passion 4 Life for about two weeks now.  I have found that it helps my energy levels and my concentration.  Not in dramatic amounts, I am not suddenly working out all the time, going for jeopardy, or spot cleaning the kitchen with a toothbrush. However, there was a notable difference.

They claim that it is the best tasting liquid vitamin ever.  Passion 4 life tastes like a concentrated version of Sunny D.  If you hate Sunny D you will probably not like the flavor.  I don't mind it, so it works out for me. 

Here is the up side.  Everything in passion for life comes from natural sources and is completely gluten free.  That is a huge bonus, as some of you know; those who are gluten free have a large issue with getting enough B-Vitamins.  Passion 4 life had what I needed in it.  Since everything is naturally derived it is easy for your body to use it.  Most of what you use will be absorbed in three minutes or less according to the info sheet. 

There were some interesting side effects such a Urine color and strange cravings for the first few days.  But that was just me and I am not sure that the cravings had anything to do with the product.

 Check out Passion 4 life Vitamins to learn more about Passion 4 life and see if it is right for you.

Guilt free moment, Passion 4 life is also the main money maker for http://www.passion4kids.org/.  Passion 4 kids in a charity created to help Children in the United States who are homeless, abused, neglected, and/or underprivileged.   So in essence you are doing something to help children at the same time you are doing something to help your body.As per anything like this please check with your doctor before you change vitamins. 

High Points:

Naturally derived
Gluten Free
Good taste
Supports Charity
Easy to absorb
Helps with energy and concentration (in my experience)
Replaces what those with Celiac or gluten intolerance miss out on.

Low points:
It is a little on the pricy side for a vitamin, but it did work well, and the price is not outrageous
It is bright orange (don’t take while wearing white, yes I learned this the hard way)
It changes urine color a little for the first few days, don’t freak.

Question of the hour!

What are you missing from your diet?


  1. so glad it seems to be working out for you, at least a bit - - and it even looks like Sunny D!

  2. I have such a hard time with vitamins too...im glad you found something that works for you!