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Friday, February 15, 2013

Nail Polish: Nail Scribbles

Ever doodle in class and just make a mess out of lines.  Even though you made a complete mess it looks kind of neat.  Did you know that you can do with your nails? This look is based on the coffee designs.  If it works for coffee why wouldn’t it work for nails? 

What you are going to need

Two colors of nail polish
A top coat
Q-tips (for clean up)
Nail polish remover (for clean Up)
1 toothpick

Do one nail at a time.  This is important since the nail polish needs to be very wet.

Cover the entire nail in one of the colors.  I used a red base

While the base is still wet, drop a dot of the other color.  I used a white dot

Take the toothpick from the dot out and mess the color around making the colors streak the way you want them too. 

Do each nails this way.  It doesn't matter if it gets messy that is what the q-tips and the nail polish remover are for.

Finish each nail and allow to dry

Top with a clear coat and you are ready to go!

This is an easy and fun way to get mixed colors.  If you have more talent than me you can get some really neat designs. 

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  1. Visiting from Review Bloggers Unite Group. Love, Love Love the post. I really like the nail color.