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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls- Review and Giveaway!

Woolzies Dryer Balls are 100% Eco friendly, the back of the box says that they will soften naturally, reduce static, help eliminate wrinkles, reduce drying time, save energy, are noise free and 100% safe for people with wool sensitivities. 

That is the claim that Woolzies Dryer Balls make.  After 50 different loads of laundry using the dryer balls I have to say that the claims are mostly true.

What I found is that they did in fact soften my laundry.  My drying time was reduced by about 15% to 20%, any reduction in drying time saves me energy and money, and also the wool did not bother my husband’s skin.  What I did not find was that they helped reduce static; I still ended with static in my clothing when I pulled them from the dryer.  Also they were not completely noise free.  Nothing loud or that I couldn't ignore but not noise free.  In fact, I wasn't sure when I got them how having six balls in the dryer could possibly noise free.  I guess I was right.

Since Woolzies are made out 100% Wool and nothing else, I know that they do not contain parabens, gluten, dyes, scents, or anything else that could possibly bother me.  That means they really are hypoallergenic.  This would be great for those with little ones in the house. 

What I loved about Woolzies, is the fact that they work without harsh chemicals.  While I don't smell like a lemon tree everywhere I go, I also don't have to worry about what my clothing is doing to my skin.  If I want to smell like a lemon tree, I can buy a body spray.  They worked well to soften my clothing, reduce drying time and save me money.  That right there was worth it.  Ok so it didn't get rid of static, it wasn't completely noise free, those I can live with, that is the trade off for not coating myself in harsh chemicals. Also being 100% Eco Friendly is a super nice bonus to saving time and money. 

I very much enjoy my Woolzies; and now Soft by Nature has given me the opportunity to let one box of Woolzies Dryer balls for themselves, best of luck! 

Question of the hour!

What is your biggest laundry concern?

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  1. i learned they also act as fabric softeners and can come in different sizes

  2. shorten drying time and soften debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  3. They are made from New Zealand wool:)

  4. I learned that they can be used as a fabric softener!

  5. I learned that they can be used as a fabric softener!

  6. handmade from new zealand wool!

  7. That they can cut down on drying time! I'd love to win these.

  8. I learned their dryer balls are all handmade!