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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Dream or not to Dream

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The NaBloPoMo question today “If you could be given the option to never sleep and also never be tired, would you take it if it meant you'd also never dream again?”
I would personally not want to do this.  My dreams are part of who I am, I have a creative part of me that is let out only through my dreams.  I dream in color, with sound, and smell, I sometimes wonder if I do really get any sleep.  I will give you a great example of one of my dreams
In a parallel universe that closely resembles ours but has a few key differences, one of those differences is that there is what is called “mated Pairs” these mated pairs help keep the world in balance, without them the world would end.  Since they are so important there is a government agency that is in charge of making sure these pairs can find each other.  (This is based off the soul mate theory, you only have one and most people do not have a pair.) Well this agency gets word that there is the possibility of mated pair at a small town collage who by a miracle are in the same class.  And so they switch out professors one coming in as a substitute and the “sick” teacher enjoying a long government paid vacation on the beach. 
After trial and error it comes down to Serena, and two possible guys, Todd and Garrett.  Todd is Serena’s best friend and Garrett has been around her entire life, kind of protecting her.  Serena is quiet and shy and is not as forward as others; she pretty much hangs out with Todd and two other female friends.  Garrett is part of the super popular crowd.  He is on scholarship for athletics as well as academics.  Todd is kind of like Serena in that his is a computer guy and he loves to play online.  He only spends time with his and Serena’s small group. 
While on a field trip (I did in fact go on field trips in collage this fit so into my dreams) When it finally came down to those two males the Government agent /teacher (by the way a great looking redhead) walks up and Kisses Garret in front of the whole bus.  This make Serena (and Garrett) angry.  Todd seeing how upset Serena is and more than slightly in love with her kisses her.  (Now we have a really mad Garrett. But the teacher asks him to wait and see what happens.) Serena pushes Todd away and shakes her head telling him that he she only loves him like a friend.  Garrett who is overjoyed pushes pass the fake teacher grabs Serena and does what he has wanted to do since he was four years old.  He kisses her.  She of course responds and the Agent has her mated pair.  Only one issue, the mated band (A glowing tattoo) didn’t appear on their left wrists. 
Needless to say this went on for a while and we do end up with a mated pair.  To tell you the whole story I would have to write a book.  But this is my dream types.  They are sometimes better than any movie in Hollywood or most of the books on the shelves. 
If you would like to buy the rights to this dream in it's entirety, please contact me and we can work something out.
In short, I love my dreams and I could never give them up.
Question of the day!
 Do you remember your dreams? If so how vivid are they?


  1. I love my dreams! Though, they aren't quite as creative as yours. :) Love it!

  2. No way! I love sleeping and my dreams :)

    I am stopping by from Review Bloggers on Facebook.

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  3. WOW !!! I wish that you would post short stories of your dreams more often that was Fantastic! (I am serious!) I have always had vivid dreams as well. I remember as a small child I would wake up and think that my dream had really happened...only to find out that I did not get a new puppy, or go to a magic forest...some days I still "remember" things only to quickly figure out that it was something I only dreamed the night before. I never feel rested because the dreams are so vivid so I would take the sleep over the dreams for sure. Great Post!

  4. I remember my dreams, too! It's like they happened yesterday. Sometimes that is good, sometimes that is not so good. I wouldn't want to give up sleep - that's too much of a sacrifice!

  5. I have weird dreams. I have dreams that I had as a child re-occur as an adult. The funny thing is, in my dream, I am a child still and whatever I was feeling in the dream (terror be it a nightmare or pleasure be it a happy dream) is felt as it was the first time I had it as a child.

  6. I am the same way! So many things happen in my dreams that are fodder for my writing journal. One is now currently a 56,000 word piece...and it all started from a dream!