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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paint it Red and Go Super Speed!

Not Mine!

Strangely enough today’s Prompt is asking us if we would rather have extreme strength or extreme speed.  In my case I would wish to have the speed, I could get so much more done in a day.  Want to get my blogs posted.  No issue five seconds and I am ready all I have to do is wait for my computer to catch up.  I have visitors coming over in five minutes?  That will give me enough time to clean the house, and take a shower.  Want to run to the store, only a few seconds. 

The issue is not the speed it is the stamina.  Yes I could run to the store but I am sure I would be tired after.  I would have to build up to my super speed.  But I do see where it could come in handy.  Forgot something at home, No issue just pop out and get it only gone a few seconds.  I wouldn't have to freak out about leaving my gluten free stuff at home and have to make everyone turn around and come back.  In fact Car travel may seem a little on the slow side.  Want to go home to visit my friends?  Be there in 10 or 20 minutes!  Super strength seems nice but I see myself breaking everything and doing much more harm than good.  I am way too klutzy for super strength.  In fact while getting used to my super speed I am going to have to be careful since I will probably crash and burn more than once. 

Question of the hour?

What would you do with either super strength or super speed?


  1. I would definitely want the super speed. Mainly because of how much it would help when it comes to housework!

  2. I picked strength. Speed is nice, but I'm afraid I wouldn't benefit as much from it, though you do make a compelling argument for speed!

  3. Oooh, I would so love to just get my blog posts done in a snap!