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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finding the Right Topic

Blogging can sometimes be a chore, sometimes the topics and words come quickly and easily, other times I have an issue.  I try to write things that can connect with the readers.  However, I sometimes have issues knowing exactly what people want to read about.  Most of my blogging energy was in trying to find what my readers want.  This can be an issue without any feedback.  I can see what posts receive the most views, and so I try to plan around some of those.  That took up too much of my energy and I still wasn't getting feedback.  In the end I am doing what I want, since I still don't know what people want.

Once I discovered that no matter how many times I ask I am not going to receive feedback on what people want to read about. I started to run out of topics, I will often times sit thinking about topics or how to write a review.

Another time consuming issue is what word choice would be best, I have a rather expansive vocabulary and I often want to expound upon the posts.  I can get rather verbose and articulate if I allow myself.  However, I stop myself realizing that well I am erudite with the spoken English language that doesn't help everyone who I am trying to reach; my readers should not have to ascertain what I am saying through context.  I often find myself editing out entire sections.  Then when I think I have it right I will post only to find out that I have made a grievous mistake with punctuation or my computer auto corrected what I was saying and it was the wrong word.  I also think that I sometime get too over dependent on Microsoft Word and its ability to review my writing. 

However, most of my time and energy is taken up by what to post and how to post it.  Once that is cleared up then I am free to write.

 NaBloPoMo prompt "What blogging task takes up a lot of your energy?"


  1. Agree. I have a hard time with that too!

  2. Have you thought about creating an editorial calendar? That has been helpful for me. I plan what I am going to write about in advance, leaving me more time to actually write!