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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Energy for 2013

The last prompt for the January NaBloPoMo is "What will you do to energize yourself in 2013?"

This answer is easy.  I am devoting myself to my schoolwork and my family. Since this year is finally graduation time, that helps a lot with the energy levels.  I want to be done with school and out there working and doing what I planned to do.  I am excited for that.  However, for now while I am home I am concentrating on being the best wife, friend, and guardian I can be.

I will continue my pursuit to be a mother.  I keep looking for alternative ways to IVF since I cannot afford the IVF costs.  I am still trying to sell my house.  Good news is that it has a new roof, New AC units, new piping in some places, just about new everything now.  I think that will be a big help in the market. 

As I continue in 2013 I hope to not let anything defeat me.  That thought and my loved ones are what are going to keep me going for the next year and into 2014. 

This is my last post for NaBloPoMo for a while. 

Tomorrow, I am staring my 14 days of romance. Each post will go live by 10am EST (hopefully).  I look forward to being able to get my gift guides up and running.  Only a few days before my Valentine’s Day gift guide is live. 
Question of the hour!
What are you doing to keep yourself energized this year?

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