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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Carolina Cupcakery - Review

I was recently offered an amazing chance by Carolina Cupcakery.  I was able to view the kitchens, try out the power tools, Meet Dawn Eskins and try some fantastic products.

Let me start at the beginning, Dawn Eskins started the Carolina Cupcakery with her two daughters in Camden NC; she is also the baker for it.  Many of you are now wondering why I am doing a post on a place that sells Cupcakes.  The reason being is that Carolina Cupcakery makes gluten free products.  Including gluten free doughnuts, gluten free cupcakes, gluten free lemon bars ECT.  She has an amazing list of Gluten free products, as well as Kosher, sugar free, Vegan, and allergy friendly products.

One of the things that Dawn told me was that she will make a recipe for any single allergy list.  Meaning if you are allergic to wheat, corn, milk, and eggs she can still make a recipe for you.  Since she doesn't use premade mixes and everything she does is from scratch, it is possible for her to substitute to find what you need.  There is a cost for this, since she is spending a lot of her time and energy making sure that no matter what you are allergic to you can eat a cupcake she charges $50.00 up front.  However, you will get at least one if not more recipes that you can keep.  Also Carolina Cupcakery will ship anywhere in the US.  (Note:  Even with the best of packaging cupcakes can still not look great when it arrives since they are top heavy.)

Dawn does things a little different at her locations, she uses power tools to mix batters and icing, I was personally able to use the power drill and paint paddle to help mix some butter cream icing.  Not only was it a lot of fun, it was ingenious.  Who would have thought to use power tools instead of a regular hand mixer?  Well, Dawn did, and it seems to be working out for her.  If you want to see Dawn use her Power Tools check out Cupcake Wars Season Three Episode 13, or watch soon on season 6 episode 13.

Now down to the Gluten free, Dawn has a completely gluten free bakery, nothing containing gluten is allowed into the kitchen, also it is certified for those of us with Celiac.  I was able to try her cupcake called Cherry Bomb; to be honest it was fantastic, the best gluten free cupcake I have ever had and in the top three for regular cupcakes.  If you live in or around the Hampton Roads area of Virginia you really need to stop by.  I was also able to try her doughnuts and her Lemon bar, the lemon bar was really good it had a fantastic lemon flavor that came from well, real lemons.  The Doughnuts are also really good.  In fact it was the best gluten free doughnut I have had to date.  
Some other information: Dawn hates GMO’s and as such doesn’t use them in her products.  This is great news for everyone.  Her locations are certified; also she makes “Skinny Girl” cupcakes that are only 300 Calories.  She does a lot of work with weddings, grooms cakes, birthdays, and has a flavor array of over 100 flavors of cupcake; she also has a book out called Cupcake Confessions.

A huge thank you to Dawn for allowing me the review, I know I will be back for her fantastic cupcakes, and maybe another lemon bar or two.     

For more information please visit her at http://carolinacupcakery.com/ or on facebook or twitter at http://www.facebook.com/CarolinaCupcakery?ref=ts&fref=ts and https://twitter.com/Cupcakerylady

Question of the day!
(knowing that this time something can be done about it.)

What baked goods are you missing since you went gluten free?  How would you like them to look? 


  1. Now this is a fun review....soo fun.

  2. Yum! I want a skinny girl cupcake.

    Stopping by from Review Bloggers.
    Julie @Naptime Review

  3. Yum! And a bit disappointing...I did NOT need to know that the "skinny" version of a cupcake is 300 calories! I have been telling myself for years that the regular version was less than that! Oh well, I guess it's only "skinny girl" for me from now on then!

  4. This is really awesome!! I love that places are becoming more and more friendly to those of us with alternative diets. :)