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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lord Stillwell's Excellent Engaements-Book Review

With it still being Book Review Wednesday for me, I figured I would post this review now instead instead of waiting for next week.  Two book reviews in one day!

I was allowed to review Vitoria Alexander's Lord Stillwell's Excellent Engagements.  The book is short only about 60 or so pages on my Nook.  The book covers Lord Stillwell and his engagements to three different women and how it they work out for him.  Each section is short and it starts within a week or so of the wedding.  While I would not put this under romance since there is almost no romantic scenes in the book.  I did find it very funny.

The Good:

This book is funny, and I really start to feel for Viscount Winfield Elliott and his inability to find the perfect bride.  He tries three different types of women, the amazingly beautiful, fun and fancy free sort, the lovely, smart but completely reserved type and then someone in the middle.  The description lists them as thus
"Miss Felicia Whitingdon, for instance, has youth, beauty, style, grace—and a handsome fortune. Lady Lucille Eustice is a widow of impeccable social standing, and a balm to my soul. Then there is Miss Caroline Hibbitt, sweet and charming in every way." While there is a happy ending I won't tell you for whom. 

The indifferent:

The first part of the book left me confused.  It starts with a letter to Viscount Elliott’s cousin and you have no idea what is going on.  There is no slow introduction into the story it starts immediately. 
Also each story is very short and there is almost no background on the Viscount or the ladies who he plans to marry. 

The Bad:

If you are looking for a good romance than this is not your book, While it is listed as romance it is more humor and a set up book for a future book to come.  I see some of these characters being used in future books.  The book being short does not allow a reader to feel satisfied, it is more like a “to be continued” episode. 

I look forward to seeing what Author Victoria Alexander has for us in the future. 

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