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Monday, December 24, 2012

Last Second Gluten free gifts

So you have an extra guest coming tomorrow for christmas that you didn't plan on and you don't have a gift for them.  This is not an issue, I have some quick homemade ideas that will mkae them feel special. 

For her:

Facial Scrubs

4 tsp. of honey
2 tsp. of sugar
4 tsp coffee grounds
I add a few drops of lemon for a fresh scent but you can use small drops of essential oils for scent.

Put into a cute cup and wrap however you choose.

Facial Mask

2 cups natural yogurt (plain)
1 cup oatmeal(plain)

mix together and add the directions to leave on the face for 10-15 minutes and to keep refrigerated.

Foot Scrub

4 tsp. of honey
2 tsp. of sugar
2 tsp baking soda
4 tsp coffee grounds
Essential oil or aloe

Mix together and package nicely.

Lip Gloss

Mix together any broken or unused eyeshadow that fits the person personality and tones of the guest (assuming you have met them) with patrolium jelly in a small pot and close tightly.


For Him:

Try food like cookies or candies (depending)
Or a beer and cheese gift (gluten free of course)
Popcorn and penuts

Depending on the man some of the above may be a good suggestion.  

You are never out of gift ideas as long as you have a well stocked kitchen.  Don't panic just take a few minutes to throw something together that makes them feel special. 

This way no one comes or leaves empty handed. 

What is your best last minute gift ideas?

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