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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Christmas Nail idea!

I decided that it was a perfect time to get my nails ready to decorate my tree on Saturday!  This had me thinking about what would be the perfect design.  I am not really great at doing nails; I have no artistic ability so I decided to do something easy.  A colored French manicure.  The next issue presents its self.  I can't find my tip guides.  What I ended up doing was using masking tape.  As you can see it turned out really well, and masking tape is much cheaper than nail tip guides.  It doesn't create the perfect shape; however, it is close enough.

 First coat of green (it photographed grey, but it is a deep green) Allow to dry completely! Don't worry if you make a mistake, nail polish can be cleaned up easily from skin so don't be afraid to get a little bit outside of the lines. 

 The second coat should completely coat the nails evenly!  Allow to dry, wrap the nails in the masking tape (or tip guides) showing the amount of tip you want.  Apply the tip in a thick coat, and then allow drying time.

Once the tip is on and dry, remove the tape or guides.  And start cleaning up the edges; I use an ear swab and regular strength nail polish remover to clean the edges.

Once the edges are clean it is time to apply a clear coat.  Since the edges are uneven you will need a thick coat of clear (or top) coat.  This is to even out the nail to a flatter surface.
Once the clear coat is dry, you are good to go! This style should last at least a week if you used good nail polish. If you missed a little polish in the clean up (like I did) don't worry it will come off in the shower!  I used Glittering forest and red slippers as my colors.  Feel free to play with all sorts of Christmas themed colors.  Remember that nail polish is not permanent so I enjoy playing with colors and styles.

Question of the day!

What type of colors are you going to use for the holiday season? What type of design if any?

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  1. I love this, now to see if I can pull it off, lol.