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Thursday, November 8, 2012

SLIMROCK® cocktail mixers Review

So you want to throw an amazing holiday party but you don't want to pack on the holiday pounds?  I was given a chance to try SLIMROCK® cocktail mixers and according the public relation statement it replaced high caloric sugary ingredients with natural sweeteners and add quality fruit extracts to create a great tasting low-calorie drink option.  So lower calories, that is not normally enough for me to endorse a product.  However, this one surprised me.  Not only is it gluten free a must for almost everything on my blog it also tasted really good, and having only 1/5 the calories of regular drink mixes was just a bonus.  

I was sent the Mango Colada version of the drink mix and I couldn't wait to try it out.  (Even crunched in the broken shipping package, thank you delivery people.) Since it was more of an exotic drink I opted to use Puerto Rican rum. (Married to a military man I have a larger liquor selection that most)  Also since I am not a fan of blended drinks mine is on the rocks, even though it does clearly state to bend the drink.  The result was really good.  I asked my husband to give me his opinion on the mix and shortly thereafter I had to make myself a new drink.  Plus I don't feel as guilty drinking it as I normally do when I look at the calories in a mixed drink. 

Up sides to this drink is that is lower calories there are only 30 calories per serving and 240 for the entire bottle of the mix.  That makes a lower calorie party in my mind, more drinking less working out later.  But it tastes just as good as the higher calorie competition.  There are a lot of different flavors to try for those who are not Colada fans 
Guavapolitan, Cucumber Ginger Citrus, Mango Margarita, Prickly Pear Passion Fruit, Mango Colada, Key Lime Margarita, Mai Tai, Key Lime Martini, Cucumber Tangerine, Cucumber Kiwi Melon, Mango Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pinia Colada, Pomegranate and Lemon Drop. 

I personally would love to try the Lemon Drop as it is one of my favorite drinks, however my budget doesn't stretch to that just yet.  That will have to be an after the holidays things.  I love nothing more than an amazing lemon drop, my second choice would be the Key Lime Margarita.  I have a thing for sweet and sour drinks.


Also if you still feel guilty drinking there is yet another upside to this drink SLIMROCK® is made by pure California Beverages.  Pure California Beverages give 2% of all sales to the World of Children Organization.  How much more guilt free can one get?  Well as long as you drink responsibly. 
The down side to this drink is that it is a little sweet for me.  I am not a huge fan of very sweet drinks.  Like I said I would have chosen the Lemon Drop or the Key Lime Margarita for myself.  But I know that this is basically what a Colada tastes like.  So I would go with a more of the slightly sour drinks if you are not a huge fan of the sweet.  But this downside is a personal taste thing.   

SLIMROCK® is currently available on Amazon.com for those who are interested.  Not only that but you can buy single bottles or bottle packs for those who are throwing a party and want more than one bottle of mixer. 

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  1. perfect for Thanksgiving or Holiday party with friends. nice that it is Gluten free too...