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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Newer is not always better

I was so excited when a new whole foods opened up yesterday.  I was so excited; it would be an easier way to get my gluten free items.  Also I hoped that I would be able to find some of the items I had been dreaming of trying.

Everything was so busy that I never got a chance to really look around.  It seemed great at first, but small things make is Celiac unfriendly, they offer raw grains but one of the ones that I could eat were right next to the ones that I could not.  they did offer more options than I am used too but finding it was difficult.  Everything was mixed in with the normal items so it was not just a go to the Gluten Free section and pick up what I need.  While it is more like normal grocery shopping I have come to enjoy the convenience of having only one section to go through for gluten free items.  Also since I have to watch what I am picking up since it is not as easy as anything I grab being safe.

I have something to say on human nature though.  How is it that the more people we shove into an area the angrier they get.  You willingly came to this place just like I did knowing that it was opening day and that it would be busy.  What did you expect to happen to the checkout lines?  If it was that bad you could always leave and get the items the next time you cane when it was not so busy. There is no call to be rude and to shake or shove your cart into people.

  On the up side I was able to get some fantastic Gluten Free soap Not only that but it smells great.  I cannot wait to give it a shot.  I still have yet to pick up more than just a basic keep my hair clean shampoo or lotion.  It seems too hard for me to commit to a beauty product.  I keep looking for perfection in my products and as off yet have not been able to find it.

In the note of the Hormone therapy, I have been unable to get more than Provera for the time being.  They are scared to mess with me too much.  This is going to take a while to get right.  I am starting to get frustrated with this whole thing.  

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