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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Day 1

Day 1

So far we are one day into this hurricane, Food supplies are good the power and internet are up and it is not too bad.  We have contingency plans just in case something goes wrong as well as we are packed in case we need to evacuate.

We are going a little stir crazy here not much to do except watch TV and bug each other.  Everyone seems to be sane and there are no major issues with anyone getting along.  However, I am keeping my eye on the cat Luna.  She has been very shifty for the last 20 minutes.  I wonder what she is planning.

The majority of the hurricane has not hit yet and there are reports of the power being down in areas already.  As long as the internet survives that is all that I can hope for.

Meal plan of the day:

Breakfast GF Lasagna
Lunch: A sandwich on gluten free bread
Dinner: eggs, sausage, and GF pancakes.

God permitting we will get to dinner with the power and the internet intact.

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