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Friday, September 28, 2012

Potential health risks of being gluten free

Having gone gluten free and had that first weight loss jump I got excited.  However, feeling better does not mean healthy.
  There are so many easy gluten free products coming out, and don't get me wrong I love junk food as much as anyone.  However, after a period of time I started to feel tired again and I was having a hard time waking up.  My issue, I wasn't getting enough of the B and D vitamin categories. 

Eating Gluten free can be good for someone or it can be hard on long term health if you don't make sure to properly supplement your diet with brown rice, quinoa, and buckwheat.  If you don't like to eat those then you can pick up some B-complex drops they come in GF varieties.  Also what I do is use milk with added vitamin D.

This is great if you can easily absorb these nutrients.  However, this is not always the case.  If you cannot absorb what you need orally there are shots that you can get once a month at your doctors or hematologist’s office that should take care of most of the issues.

Eating "junk" food

Eating Gluten free is not always healthy.  I have personally reviewed many not good for me products, which does not make them taste any less great.  (As I eat a blueberry muffin) Try adding more whole foods such as fruits and veggies to your diet and you might feel better.  I am going to be doing this shortly.  It was suggested I try a raw foods diet, while I am open to suggestions I am not sure I am ready to try this yet.

product review time:

Udi's Blueberry muffins (yes the one I was just eating) they are okay; they are kind of on the dry side.  The flavor worries me.  It might be the type of plastic they having been sitting in, but my muffin tasted like Barbie doll flavored cough syrup.  It had a medicinal plastic flavor as an aftertaste.  This is not something I find as appetizing.  Like I said it may be just the batch I obtained but Yuck.  Udi's you normally do much better than that. I really hope that it was just the batch of muffins that I bought and not the entire product.  Hopefully I can take this product back and get a trade at the store.

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