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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Results and excuses

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Alright, I am very sorry for the break.  So many things in my life have occurred in one week.  My ward has left for the US ARMY.  We couldn’t be prouder of him.  When he became part of our lives he was not the person he is today.  He worked so hard and finished high school, got his life turned around and now he has left to make his own way.  I am proud of him and sad about the loss at the same time.  That was my weekend was helping him get packed and ready to go. 

Now for the part that I promised last week.  My Endoscopy, this was my second one.  The first time they messed up and pumped the wrong gas into my stomach.  This time they were very careful.  A little too careful, I was not asleep for the procedure.  I was awake for a lot of the time.  Not only that but I had something in my mouth and I couldn’t tell them that my front mind was awake.  Now I was not awake for the putting of the tube into my throat, thank goodness.  However, I woke up during the procedure.  Since this is only a moderate sedation they expect you to look awake.  However I couldn’t tell them that I was aware.  That will give me nightmares for a while.  However, most of the medication was still working.  I know this since I could remember everything for a couple of days and not the memory has mostly faded.  Also the medication kept me relaxed so that nothing hurt. 

As I suspected, I had not caused enough damage to myself to be seen.  This is going to cause an issue with my medical file since they are taking Celiac off my diagnosis for now.  I can repeat the test should I think that the results are inaccurate.  However, I really don’t see a point.  I simply couldn’t eat as much gluten as they wanted me to.  I was up to one maybe two servings a day if I was lucky and I needed the full daily amount.  So I am sorry to say that according to this doctor I no longer have Celiac.  The fact that I messed with my body, skin, mucosal linings, IgA numbers and everything else means nothing if they can’t see the damage for themselves.

Things have been too busy for me to attempt to change my diet back yet.  To be honest I have been reluctant.  Oh I don’t have Celiac, then I can eat what I want right?  I know this is childish of me and I am only harming myself.  I will be going off of gluten again next week.  Not that it is going to be a large change.  I won’t get fast food oatmeal in the morning and I will have to bring my own lunch instead of grabbing something near work.  That was all I was really doing anyway.  I wasn’t eating bread, I wasn’t eating gluten for dinner most of the time.  I was often getting a contaminated product for lunch and contaminated oatmeal for breakfast.  I guess I can see why the tests came up negative.  

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