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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gluten Journal: Day 6-12

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Gluten Diary Day 6-12

I am always tired now, my skin is itchy, my joints hurt and I am having trouble thinking as fast as I am used to.  Also I have stated to retain more water than I would like.  These are constant throughout all the days.

Day   6

Gluten Intake: two soft shell tacos from taco bell
Reaction time: 32 minutes
Reaction: Loose stool, intestinal pain, headache, ulcer pain.

Day 7

Gluten intake: one regular sized hoagie
Reaction time 22 minutes
Reaction: loose stool, intestinal pain, headache, and ulcer pain.

Day 8

Gluten intake: 2 cinnamon rolls
Reaction time: 26 minutes
Reaction: Violent intestinal pain, loose stool, headache and ulcer pain

Day 9: Day off from gluten. I was so sick the day before that I couldn't continue
Day 10: Day off
Day 11: Day off

Day 12:

Gluten intake: 2 servings of Mac and cheese
Reaction Time: 18 minutes
Reaction: Loose stool, mild intestinal pain, light ulcer pain.

Overall observations

Reaction time was getting longer.  Eating more amounts of gluten doesn't change the reaction time, just the intensity of the reaction.  Headaches have started to emerge with gluten exposure.  

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