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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Only the Best Gluten Free Cosmetics

Using gluten free cosmetics is important to helping those with gluten issues heal. Only a few brands make real gluten free cosmetics, and those brands were voted on by us, the consumers, as polled by GFREEK.  There are many fantastic brands in the running for the year’s best GF cosmetic brand.  

Here they are in reverse order:

#5 Mineral Fusion Natural brand 
#4 After glow Cosmetics
#3 NARS cosmetics
#2 Arbonne Cosmetics 

and the best of the year??

#1 Red Apple Lipstick

I have blogged about Red Apple Lipstick, I have known how great the brand is, however, now they are recognized as the best gluten free cosmetic brand.  Not only have they won this award from GFREEK, they have also had a post about them in Woman's Health Magazine. This month features Gluten free cosmetics and they have chosen a great one to talk about.  Currently Red Apple sells lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils, lip exfoliators, lip moisturizers, and eye shadows.  Red Apple Lipsticks may not be the cheapest of all cosmetics, but they are worth it.  Not only are they gluten free, they also do not contain parabens, lead, soy, or animal parts. All of the products are cruelty free and vegan.  What I found to be worth it is if I hate the color, I can send it back.  

A huge congratulations to Red Apple lipstick on the current win! I hope to see an expanded selection soon.  May I suggest a sunscreen?  

To check out their amazing color selection please go to Red Apple Lipstick. Feel free to see what other benefits are offered that made them this year’s winner!


What Cosmetic can you not live without?

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