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Monday, May 6, 2013

Common Fashion Mistakes

I normally don't talk much about fashion.  It has very little if anything to do with gluten, IgA D, PCOS, infertility or any subject associated with those.  However, so many times I see the same mistakes made by too many women.  Here is a list of the most common fashion mistakes.

Color is important; you need to match the colors you wear to the colors of your skin and hair.  To start, check out your veins. If they are blue, then you should stick with cool tones, if they look more green, then you should stick to warm colors.  Personally I am a cool skin tone.  Those are the colors that would look best on me.  This means that I won't be able to get away with warm colors.  

Leggings are not pants; I have seen this mistake everywhere.  Not only does it look trashy, but I can also see the underwear type and every cellulite dimple you have.  If you are wearing leggings please have on a dress or long shirt on top.  Treat these items like pantyhose; you should be covered to at least mid thigh.  

Pajamas are not outside wear. I understand pajama day at school or work, however, if you are out for the day please get dressed.  Now, this is perfectly acceptable if you are home and are not going out at any time.  I am not saying don't be comfortable in your own home, I am just asking you to dress for the day.

Spandex is not everyday clothing; if you are going to or from a workout then this is fine.  Anything else is the same as the leggings issue.  

Fitted clothing is important; wearing clothing that is too tight or too lose can make you look large.  Nothing is sexy about a plumber’s crack and a muffin top.  The same can be said about swimming in your clothing.  Your clothing should stay in place but be able to be moved in.  

Hair roots are not sexy; if you have light blonde ends and dark brown roots you start to look trashy.  I have seen the two toned look and there is nothing wrong with it, however, more than 1/2 inch of root starts looking cheap.  But, if you like looking like a skunk, I can't stop you.  

Bras that fit and are adjusted, showing a little strap when in a tank top can be cute.  But when your strap is falling down your arm I think you are lazy and don't want to adjust your straps, or you don't care how you look.  Either or both may apply; however, take a second to make sure that your bra fits.  Your back will thank you later.  

What are some major fashion mistakes you commonly see?

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