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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HCG Diet - Follow Up

So I am supposed to be losing all this weight on the HCG diet from Creative BioScience.  To be honest I lost about 9 lbs and 2 inches in the first week.  However, during the start of my second week, I ended up with a few issues.

 The first issue was that I came up pregnant.  That didn't last long, but being on a diet when you are pregnant is not a good idea.

 Then I ended up with a sinus infection and the flu (yes I got the flu shot).  Great, so the Doctor took me off the diet yet again.  Then when I was going to get back on the diet I ended up in the hospital with Sphenoid sinusitis (it is rare enough that I had never heard of it before either).

Now the nice doctors have me on a bunch of antibiotics and I am waiting to see if I need surgery.  Fun fun, the issue with this is that I have had no chance to lose any more weight.  I have not forgotten my new year’s resolution nor have I forsaken it.  Just at this time I cannot continue.

While I was on the diet I had a large amount of side effects from loose stool to feeling hungry constantly.  Since I am not a big eater wanting to eat all the time is strange for me.  I am not sure if this is normal or not.  

I seem to constantly be doomed to not be able to continue my diet.  I have tried to start three times and never gotten past a 1 1/2 week into it before I am being yanked off for some reason or another.  Due to these issues I am still not sure how much I could have possibly lost by now.  I am thinking I would be well past my goal if I had been able to stay on the diet longer.  Since my goal was only 15 lbs I was already half way there before I was forced off the diet in the first place. 

I fully plan to continue my diet and be ready for swimsuit season when I know what is going on inside my head.  I fully expect to be able to continue around the middle of April after all is said and done with the DR drama.  However, I did promise everyone that I would keep them updated on how my diet is going.  Since I didn’t want to break that promise you get to hear how it is not going.  I will let you know when I start my forth attempt.  

I am starting to wonder if I shouldn't try to trade my leftover Bottles of HCG drops for the body cleanse or one of the other diets.

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  1. Oh no :( Congrats on getting half way there, but I'm so sorry to hear about all the other struggles and hurdles.

  2. Im sorry you couldn't keep at it very long, but good luck when you continue!!