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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Meet the pets!

Sitting here wondering what to write about and the answer got directly into my lap. 

I have two cats, both are black and yes, I can tell them apart.

Luna is 13 years old;  she was adopted from the humane society after the loss of one of our other kitties (RIP Boo). Luna is getting old and going blind, so she is a source of amusement and worry for us.  We have had her since 2003; she was around 3 years of age when she was adopted.  She is mentally unstable and is highly needy after she had been abandoned.  She was at the humane society for more than a year; I guess that would make me a little needy as well.  She would have been put down but she was so loving that they held onto her until my mother adopted her for us.   Luna is the type of cat that is always in someone’s lap or demanding attention.  If she can't be with a human she will be curled up on our blankets or a jacket something that smells like us. If she is not doing that she is running away from the brat that we wrongly brought into her house (in her opinion).

Onyx brought himself home.  He put himself right in front of me and acted adorable. I picked this small kitten at a farm and showed him off to my husband.  My husband promptly fed the little snot cupcakes.  That was all it took, we left the farm with a kitten.  He has been a pain in the butt ever since.  He is currently just over three years old.

My pets are my children for right now.  Since at this time I can't get pregnant, I fill the void with these too.  Poor Onyx is often picked up and held on his back like a baby.  He graciously allows me to do this without clawing, maiming or biting me, most of the time Onyx will even purr for me. He spends his days pouncing Luna and getting into everything we own.  He is one of those brat cats that will be all cute the second he is in trouble, but once someone isn't looking he is back at whatever he was doing wrong.  His favorite games are to pounce everything and shred toilet paper. 

I thought I would introduce everyone to more members of my home.  I will leave you on a few questions.  What type of pets do you have?  How did you get them? 

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  1. Good to see pictures of the kitties! Give them pets for me.