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Monday, December 17, 2012

Manicure Monday

Back to my kick for magnetic nail polish I was able to pick up a bottle of LA girl magnetic for around $3.00 at Five and Below.  While baking, I ruined my last manicure so it was time to switch.  I love this color since it looks deep kind of like some of the new car paints.  That mixed with a clear magnetic pattern it made it an easy choice. 

Baring my poor abilities which are getting better each time I have to apply a new coat, the polish worked really well.  Not it has to be shaken a lot since it tends to settle. 

I used a clear coat to seal it and hope it lasts longer than my very time consuming French tips that decided they hated me. 

Note the pictures are before the clean up and touch up!

Question of the day!

What is your favorite polish brand?

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