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Thursday, October 4, 2012

School Frustrations and Birthdays

I have just spent the last four hours fighting with a homework assignment trying to find the area of convergence with pictures of individual drops and no reference point.  I kept thinking that I had missed something and I should be able to do this.  Hours of fighting with everything and come to find out that I couldn't do it the entire time since I didn't have any reference points it can't be done.  This has left me with a giant headache and a short fuse.  I did as much as I could in finding the angle of impact as well as the angles in reference to the plumb line but ouch. 

Ok let me start from the beginning for a second.  I am a forensic student; the class I am taking is Blood pattern analysis.  I am currently learning about the mathematics involved in dealing with stains on a surface and how the surface that the stain is on impacts the type of equation used.  In example certain types of equations cannot be used on walls or any elevated surface. The mathematics themselves are not the issue in this class, just basic trig and some physics.  However, sometimes the basic concepts can be hard to grasp like directionality can be reversed of what one would expect. Some examples of the basic equations would be.
\sin \alpha = \left( \frac{w}{l} \right)
 \tan \beta = \frac {\tan \alpha}{\sin \gamma}
 So now you know what I have been doing all day I have a special note for one of the most important people in my life.  It is my father’s 59th birthday.  Let me start with a little about my father.  This man had me convinced that there was a secret laboratory underneath the lake where we used to spend part of our summers.  This Laboratory housed a monster that would eat anyone under the age of 12 who was not wearing a life jacket and was in the water.  He had me convinced that monster repellent existed in the form of a real bad air freshener spray and that Santa put up my bed from 300 miles away from where we were for Christmas Eve and where the whole family including my father  was when I went to bed and when I woke up on Christmas day.  He went out of his way to be the best father possible.  He does not have Celiac or Gluten intolerance but finds new recipes for me and my mother to try and eats only Gluten free foods.  He is possibly one of the strangest and best fathers that a girl could ask for and I want to wish him a very happy birthday.

Also I still have a giveaway going, if you haven’t entered yet please do so.  My family and I love this product and since most of them are not gluten free and they prefer this mix to normal bread is a great sign for those who have families that eat normally. 

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