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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gluten Free Beers and Ciders

Today is national talk like a pirate day and in that spirit this blog will be in pirate for the remainder of this post.

Grogs and ciders:
Most grogs cannot be consumed by those o' us who be sensitive t' Gluten, where almost all hard ciders can be. Since I be not much o' a grog drinker I will be listin' me favorite 10 brands in order o' least t' most favorite five for grog and five for ciders. Please note I like t' sweeter flavors so this may not fit your tastes. If you like t' darker flavors you might want t' try t' list aftwards.


Redbridge:  This be made by Anheuser-Busch and be a red logger, it kind o' tastes like a watered down yin'-lin' or a off flavored bud light.
Green Quest: For those that like Belgium grogs this might be your pick. It has a slightly spiced and sweet flavor.

Brunehaut Bio Blonde: This be not strictly Gluten free since t' Gluten be removed from t' barley. However, it has a great flavor. t did not make me sick but thar be others who be more sensitive t' Gluten and might think t' avoid it.

Dogfish Head Tweason’Ale: This was really good; it does not have much o' a grog flavor but still a great choice.

New Planet Tread Lightly: This be t' closest t' cider which be me preference will still havin' a grog like finish. It says it be a blond ale but really more like a grog flavored cider 

Strongbow: This be a grog cider, more a grog than a cider. It has a strong crisp flavor but very little sweet.

Ace Cider:  This cider has a lot o' varieties but not always t' crisp note I be lookin' for in a cider. T' grape be pretty good as be t' honey apple, I would love t' try t' pumpkin but I cannot yet locate it. I think t' pumpkin flavor might just t' thin' for t' season.

Woodchuck Cider: I was able t' snag a mixed pack o' this for me first trial. me favorites were t' granny smith and t' Amber, I was not overly impressed with t' summer or t' 802 flavors. I would love t' try t' raspberry or t' pumpkin but have not been able t' find them. I was only able t' sample a few o' their many flavors.

Crispen:  If you have not had a chance t' try this brand you should give it a shot. They have many varieties includin' me favorite (and t' only one I have been able t' try) t' Honey crisp. T' web site shows a variety o' flavors includin' those that be more ale

Angry Orchard: These ciders be sweet and fantastic with a clean finish. I rate these above t' woodchucks only in t' sweetness o' t' drink. They have some great variety's however, I prefer original for now. T' Ginger flavor be closer to t’ woodchuck variety. I rate this t' best since some o' t' other ciders be harder t' locate for me.



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