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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Exciting new products

Exciting new products:

Ok a few new products have been released and I can't wait to try them.  Things like dinner rolls, egg rolls, mozzarella sticks and doughnuts are now available gluten free.   I am so excited to try many of these products.  

Dinner rolls: Udi's has announced that they are coming out with new products for the fall.  This means that there are more products for me to try.  Since I tend to like the Udi's brand this will definitely be something I pick up.  They are also doing GF French baguettes; I will let you know how everything tastes when it arrives. 

Egg rolls: I am still fighting with my grocery store to start carrying more variety of GF foods and cannot give these a shot yet.  However, a natural foods store is opening up in about a month so that might be my chance.  One of the things I have been missing is easy ethnic food.  (Well ethnic for me) this means great tasting burritos as well as egg rolls and sushi.  I still can't do much about sushi, as for burritos it depends on the type as well as the brand, and I still have yet to try the egg rolls.  However, I am more than willing to do so. 

 Mozzarella sticks: I love and miss you so much; recently I have learned that heath is wealth has started making them.  I have yet to try them but as soon as I find them in the store I will be picking them up and letting you know how they are.   I know there are many recipes out there but I haven't thought of making it myself and I hate to say it I am kind of a lazy cook.  I really don't want to spend hours in the kitchen making the perfect meal for myself and my family.  I would rather spend time with my family and watch them cook. Oh wait that is not happening.  Anyway there have been great reviews about these products but the best review is the one you do yourself. 

Doughnuts: Until Duncan doughnuts comes out with a fantastic GF line I am stuck with buying them in the frozen section or online.  I have tried a few such as the Kinnikinnick brand and Yuck.  Not that I have found anything made by Kinnikinnick to be any good any way.  I guess it would be great if you have been GF for your entire life.  However most of their products do not interest me.  But yet again I digress, I have on order Katz GF doughnuts and that includes jelly filled.  I learned about Katz when I found their free sample pack.  Note: if you want a free sample pack just go to Katz Gluten Free find the sample pack and follow the instructions, you still have to pay shipping.  Let me tell you the product was really great.  I look forward to letting you know how amazing Jelly filled doughnuts are.  Well the GF variety anyway, I mean most jelly doughnuts are amazing but I can't eat them. 
Note: being GF does not mean I have to eat healthy right?

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